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Inked Adventures Map and Dice Cards by billiambabble Inked Adventures Map and Dice Cards by billiambabble
I took this the other day with the iPad and posted it to Instagram, reposting because I like the image and I wanted to share something with you.
I designed these playing cards a while back. The maps on the cards were handdrawn on paper, then scanned and reduced.  The parchment look and the assembly was prepared in GIMP and Libre Office (if I remember right)  The finished versions are printed by DriveThruCards and TheGameCrafter .  

The maps work like tile-able geomorphs and the random numbers up to 20, 6 and 100 simulate dice rolls.  It's like an emergency kit for dungeon masters playing D&D or Pathfinder, for when but they've forgotten their dice or a scenario (perhaps ideal for improvised adventures during a holiday in a remote location).

However, I live in the UK and the really good print-on-demand sites all operate from within the US.  Standardised high shipping costs to myself, Europe and the rest of the world have meant that friends, followers and customers of Inked Adventures were sometimes paying more for the postage than for the product itself. Unfortunately, most people don't expect to be pay much for a pack of playing cards. I have yet to find or even afford a local bulk printing solution in the UK.

In order to get around the comparatively high shipping costs from the US, I'm providing a price reduction code on the Inked Adventures website which will be valid until early January. Visit

This is a print on demand product, so it might be cutting it a bit fine if you want them to arrive before Christmas. Thank you so much to people who have already bought a deck. Remember, if you can't use them for tabletop RPG you can still play normal card games with them. ;) (link to product news entry)
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November 21, 2015
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